Mi presento

I introduce myself

Welcome to my blog!
Today I'll tell you something about myself and how the idea of ​​the blog and Eco Impronta came about.

My name is Marina and I was born in Florence. I have always loved the art of creating with my hands and since I was a child I enjoyed making creations with any material I had available.

My other great passions? Nature and animals, especially dogs.

It was with the arrival of Pongo, my first dog, that the journey that led me to who I am today began and I will never stop thanking him for that!
In fact, after the art diploma I decided to train as a dog educator and I started working as a consultant in the relationship between dog and owner.

Work and daily experience with dogs have allowed me to touch the deep bond that binds us to them, both in relational and emotional terms. This led me to train as an animal naturopath as well, so that I could apply a holistic view to dog education.

2021 was then a year of major changes in my life and I felt the need to start something new.
So I decided to brush up on my creativity, combining my passion and experience with dogs with my manual skills.

Thus was born the idea of ​​creating a brand of accessories for dogs, handcrafted with eco-friendly materials and suited to the needs of our dogs.
At the same time, the blog was also born, conceived as a virtual space where I could share my experience as a dog educator. In the articles, in fact, I will deal with various issues regarding education and the relationship with our dogs.

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See you soon!

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