About me

ragazza con cane

Hi, I'm Marina!

Lover of nature and animals since I was little.

I first followed a path of artistic studies, and then moved on to study the way dogs relate and communicate.

After working as a dog educator for a few years, I decided to combine my two great passions, craftsmanship and love for dogs.

Eco Impronta was born from the need to create a brand of handcrafted dog accessories, made with eco-friendly materials and suited to the needs of dogs and owners.

  • Craftsmanship

    I make each accessory with care and passion in my workshop, using artisanal techniques.
    This allows you to have a high quality product, made in Italy and suitable for the needs of our dogs.

  • Sustainability

    Respect for the environment and the health of all living beings have always been my priority. For this, I have chosen to create a sustainable brand based on these principles:

    • Use of ecological and innovative materials
    • Not industrial production
    • Product quality and durability
    • Use of ecological and recyclable packaging
  • Quality

    From the design of the model, through the choice of materials used, up to the production process.
    Things done with care take time, in fact I dedicate a lot of attention to each stage of product development, always looking for the highest quality.